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Covid-19 Protocol CCS

Crossroads Christian School will adhere to all national, State, and local orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan will be subject to change as federal, state, and CDC guidelines, in addition to executive orders updated. Crossroads Christian School will rely on national, state, and local guidelines when making decisions on how to best reduce risk and protect our school/community. Crossroads Christian School acknowledges that no single action or set of actions will completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, but implementation of several coordinated interventions can greatly reduce that risk. This plan was developed using Santa Clara County Public Health Departments COVID-19 prepared: Reopening of Santa Clara County K-12
School guidelines.Crossroads Christian School is submitting this updated plan along with our application submitted August 10, 2020 to Santa Clara County Health Department.  We are seeking approval to re-open our school to in-class instruction for school year 2020-2021. We are a private school K-5 with small class sizes. Our projected opening date 14 days from application submission was initially August 24th, 2020. This plan has been communicated with our board, staff, and parents. Each update and revision has also been communicated with each via email/letter. This is our revised edition as of August 31, 2020.Sincerely,
Dr. Lynn Willis / Executive Director
Marsha Anguiano / Crossroads Christian School Principal

Plan item

Health Screening on Campus for students and Waiver of Liability

  • Temperatures of all students will be checked prior to entering class. Any student that exhibits a temperature of 100 or above parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately.
  • Any Employee that exhibits a fever will be directed to leave immediately.
  • Any Student or Staff having symptoms will be separated into athletic office with supervision (this office is not in use at this time). They will be sent home and advised to receive COVID-19 test promptly.
  • School staff will be tested monthly by their primary care provider or at a community testing site. Staff will provide school with test results.

Recommended Health Screening for Students and Staff

          Ask these questions. A person who answers “Yes” to any one of these questions must not be allowed to enter the school facility:

  • Within the last 14 days have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 or had a test confirming you have the virus?

YES– STAY HOME and seek medical care.

  • Do you live in the same household with, or have you had close contact with someone who in the past 14 days has been in isolation for COVID-19 or had test confirming they have the virus? Close contact is less than 6 feet for 15 minutes or more.

YES– STAY HOME and seek medical care and testing.

  •  Have you had any one or more of these symptoms today or within the past 3 days?

Fever or chills, Cough, Loss of taste or smell, Shortness of breath/ trouble breathing.

YES– STAY HOME and seek medical care and testing.

  • Have you had any one or more of these symptoms today or within the past 3 days and that are new or not explained by another reason?

Fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, runny nose, congestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

YES– STAY HOME and seek medical care and testing.

Testing and Reporting

Require students and staff to get tested as soon as possible after they develop one or more Covid-19 symptoms or if one of their household members or non-household close contacts tested positive for COVID-19.

Positive test results:   

  • Require that parents/guardians and staff notify school administration immediately if the student or staff tested positive for COVID-19 or if one of their household members or non-household close contacts tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Upon receiving notification that staff or a student has tested positive for COVID-19 or been in close contact with COVID-19 case, take action as needed for response.

Negative test results:

  • Symptomatic students or staff who test negative for COVID-19      should remain home until at least 72 hours after resolution of fever (if any) and improvement in other symptoms.
  • Asymptomatic non-household close contacts to a COVID-19 case should remain at home for a total of 14 days from date of last exposure even if they test negative.
  • Asymptomatic household contacts should remain at home until 14 days after the COVID-19 positive household member completes their isolation.
  • Documentation of negative test results must be provided to school administration.

Steps to take in response to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases and close contacts

  • A student or staff member either exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has a temperature of 100.00 or above.

Immediate Actions:      

  1. Student/Staff sent home
  2. School administration notified
  3. Student/Staff instructed to get tested
  4. Classroom  remains open
  • A family member or someone in close contact with a student or staff member (outside the school community) tests positive for COVID-19.

Immediate Actions:

  1. Student/Staff sent home
  2. School administration notified
  3. Student/Staff instructed to get tested
  4. Student/Staff instructed to quarantine even if they test negative, for a full 14 days after date of last exposure to COVID-19 case
  5. Classroom remains open
  6. Letter to Student/Staff member who is a close contact of COVID-19 case & letter to cohort members.
  • A student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19.

Immediate Actions:

  1. Student/staff sent home if not already quarantined.
  2. School Administration notified
  3. Public Health department notified
  4. Student/Staff instructed to isolate for at least 10 days after symptom onset & at least 3 days after resolution of fever & improvement in symptoms (if never symptomatic, isolate for 10 days after date of positive test.)
  5. Entire cohort instructed to test & quarantine for 14 days.
  6. Cohort classroom closes.
  7. Letter to the Student/Staff member who is a COVID-19 case & letter to cohort members.

Steps to take in response to Negative Test Result

  • A Student/Staff member tests negative for COVID-19 after being symptomatic.

Immediate Actions:

  1. Student/Staff may return to school 72 hours after resolution of fever and improvement in other symptoms.
  2. Student family/staff to bring evidence of negative COVID-19 test or medical note if testing not performed.
  • A Student/Staff member tests negative after close contact

Immediate Actions:

  1. Student/Staff must remain in quarantine for a full 14 days after date of last exposure to COVID-19 case
  2. If close contact continues to be exposed to a case during their isolation (e.g. household member), quarantine ends 14 days after the case’s isolation period ends.
  • A Student/Staff member tests negative after routine surveillance testing (no symptoms and no close contact to a confirmed COVID-19 case)

Immediate Actions:

  1. Can return to school/work immediately
  • Designated Staff member (Amie Avalos) will be in charge of creation and submission for lists of exposed students and staff to Local Health Department as well as notification and contact for the Local Health Department.
  • All adults on campus will wear a face covering.
  • Teachers will be provided visible mouth face masks for use during phonological instruction where a face covering poses a barrier to communication.
  • Staff who are unable to wear a face covering shall not be assigned duties that require close contact with students.
  • The wearing of masks by students in the classroom is required for 3rd grade and above. For 2nd grade and below masks are not required in the classroom but are strongly encouraged unless reason for exemption. We want to maximize this safety precaution.
  • Students need to wear a mask while arriving and departing from school campus, and while walking in hallways.
  • Each student will be provided a paper bag to keep mask while not being worn.
  • Parents/Visitors must wear a mask while on campus.
  • Our orientation of the school year will include social appropriate conversation starters about mask wearing.
 Physical Distancing &

Minimizing Exposure

  • Each grade level to have designated drop-off and line area with 6 feet distance between each student. Markings on ground to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Student drop off begins 8:15am (no earlier than) at designated areas.
  • We will be using 3 separate points of entrance & exits to our building to avoid close contact or mixing of cohorts. (Please see attached map below for points of entrance by grade and start time).
  • When dropping off students please pull up to designated area for your student’s grade.
  • If Student is tardy or needs to enter building we ask that you park and enter after students have finished entering building.

     Start time: (K-2)-  8:20AM   (3-5)- 8:30AM

     Pick-up time:  Same designated area.

     (K-2)- 2:50PM    (3-5)- 3:00PM

  • Recess K-2 will be separated and divided into sections for individual cohort groups with no overlapping times with 3-5 having their separate recess time, they will also be divided into sections for individual cohort groups. Staff will be there to encourage social distancing among cohorts. (Please see attached map for recess areas by grade).

       Morning Recess:    (K-2)- 9:45AM (3-5)- 10:10AM
       Lunch Recess:         (K-2)- 11:55AM (3-5)- 12:30PM

  • Outside Lunch Area will have designated seating with no more than 3 to a table.

       Lunch Time:    (K-2)- 11:35AM-11:55AM

                                     (3-5)- 12:10PM-12:30PM

  • Hot lunch ordering will be handed out individually to each student while staying seated by designated lunch staff with mask and gloves.
  • Students will maintain small/stable cohorts in the classroom, one grade level per classroom with assigned seating.
  • Classrooms assigned one stable teacher per grade level with no mixing of cohorts.
  • Teacher’s desk at least six feet away from students.
  • Student’s desks are facing same direction in classrooms + six feet apart where possible. (All desks are currently spaced 6 feet apart.)
  • Parents, Visitors & Staff are asked to social distance while on campus.
  • Chapel will be held in individual classrooms at this time.
  • Throughout the day classes will utilize outdoor space and non-classroom space for greater distancing and dispersion of viral particles. Outdoor times will be recess, lunch, P.E., Science & any other instructional opportunity arises.
  • When checking out students other than regular dismissal, please call ahead so we can have your child ready to be released.
Classroom & Facilities
  • Each classroom to open windows and doors as weather allows for increased ventilation.
  • Markings placed on ground throughout the campus for physical distancing.
  • All classrooms will be equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, wipes & paper towels.
  • Common areas will be cleaned & sanitized by janitorial staff throughout the day.
  • Evening janitorial staff will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the facility.
  • Hand sanitizers will also be placed in common use areas throughout the campus.
  • Students need to bring a water bottle from home, touchless filtered water dispenser available, no drinking fountain spout.
  • Bathrooms wiped down and sanitized frequently by janitorial staff in-between uses.
Personal Items
  • No personal items may be shared (e.g. Backpacks, clothing).
  • All personal items must be labeled with students name (e.g. water bottle, notebooks, backpacks).
  • Learning material may be shared only after disinfected (e.g. textbooks, library books).
Hand washing & other Hygiene Measures
  • Teach and reinforce proper hand washing technique, avoiding contact with one’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Post signage in high visibility areas to remind students and staff of proper techniques for hand washing and covering of coughs, sneezes and other prevention measures.
  • Ensure adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, tissues, no-touch trashcans, face coverings and hand sanitizers (with at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol) for staff and students who can safely use hand sanitizer.
  • Minimizing the sharing of supplies and equipment among staff and students to extent feasible. When items must be shared, clean and disinfect items between uses.
  • Minimize staff’s and student’s contact with high-touch surfaces (e.g., propping open building or room doors particularly at arrival and departure times).
  • Develop and maintain routines to ensure students wash their hands or use sanitizer upon arrival to campus; after using the restroom; after playing outside and returning to the classrooms; before and after eating; and after coughing or sneezing.
  • School will communicate with staff and families regarding expectations for use of face coverings at school and how to wash face coverings. (Masks should be washed regularly, ideally daily after each use.)
Lost & Found
  • This year it will be very important for all items to be labeled. This way they may be returned to the rightful owner without being stored together.
  • Items not labeled will be donated every 2 weeks.
Staff Breakroom
  • Staff breakrooms closed at this time. Teachers may eat in outdoor courtyard while maintaining social distancing of 6 feet apart.

Distance Learning/Closure
  • Our school will be monitoring and reporting positive cases. If at any time we approach 5% threshold during a 14 day period the Local Health Department will be contacted to determine if school closure is necessary.
  • If closure of the school is determined, Distant Learning will go into effect.
  • School may typically re-open after 14 days after the following have occurred:
    • Cleaning & Disinfection.
    • Public Health Investigation.
    • Consultation with Local Health Department.
Parents & Visitors
  • All parents & visitors must wear a mask on campus at all times.
  • All parents are asked to say goodbye to their child outside of the building.
  • All parents are asked to pick-up their child after school outside of the building.
  • We ask that utilization of drive through to designated areas be used as much as possible with the help of teachers to ensure safe arrival to line.
  • Only necessary visitors on campus, limited access to buildings. (e.g. caregivers to pick-up student).
  • CCS sports program is suspended due to the inability to maintain stable cohorts.
Staff training & Education to students and parents.
  • Staff training meeting on COVID-19 protocol to be held during Teacher in-service week before the start of school.
  • Staff will be trained in all Protocol measures needed to ensure a safe & clean environment for all.
  • Staff will go over training & education with students and parents about distancing behavior, handwashing & other hygiene measures to be reinforced for proper safety of our entire campus. This training to parents will be held at Back to School Night prior to the start of school.
  • Parents will be provided with updated protocol measures every time a change is made.
  • Signage will be posted throughout campus as reminders.
Campus Map