Crossroads Christian School parents volunteer throughout the year. These volunteering parents take part in our volunteer program called F.A.S.T. This is an opportunity to help out CCS and to become a positive role model for students. What is FAST and why do we need it?

cheap disulfiram FAST stands for Family And Staff Together. It is just a name for a very necessary function of working with our staff as a volunteer. As much as we would like to be completely independent, we really can’t. We need each other to have a truly successful school year. There are plenty of studies to show the benefits to students, when their parent(s) are involved on campus. Each family has agreed to volunteer 25 hours of their time per academic year. But please, there is no need to stop at 25 hours.

What constitutes a FAST Hour?

  1. FAST Representative
  2. Room-Parent
  3. Art In Action parent
  4. Working Class Events
  5. Chaperoning A Field Trip – As long as you are responsible for students other than your own
  6. Fulfilling an assigned project
  7. Classroom help, including any work done at home

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